Have you tried the Cultural Institute?

Over the weekend I was reflecting on a couple of thought provoking events in school in the last week held to remember the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1. I then looked online at the cultural institute and looked at many images and resources about the war.

British soldiers making Christmas decorations while recouperating at Fulham Hospital during WWI
British soldiers making Christmas decorations while recouperating at Fulham Hospital during WWI

It made me wonder how many people out there know about this fantastic resource that is freely available, so I thought I would feature it here.

What is the Google Cultural Institute? (Taken from Wikipedia)

“Google Cultural Institute is an initiative unveiled by Google following the 2011 launch of the Google Art Project. The Cultural Institute was launched in 2011, and put 42 new exhibits online on October 10, 2012.[1][2][3][4][5] It is “an effort to make important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations.”[6] As of June 2013, the Cultural Institute included over 6 million items – photos, videos, and documents.[7] The Cultural Institute has partnered with a number of institutions to make exhibition and archival content available online, including the British Museum,[8][9][10] Yad Vashem,[11][12] the Museo Galileo in Florence,[13] the Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau,[14] and the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw.[15][16] The earliest notable, project was a searchable archive and online digital exhibition series, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, which allowed people to access Nelson Mandela‘s personal diaries and previously unreleased drafts of his manuscripts for the sequel to his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom

You can find out more here

Do you use this in your lessons? How are you using it?

How long is left Sir?

Google Timer

I am sure we all have them, but the other day one of the flash timers that I project on screen during lessons became corrupted and I couldn’t use it. I have used this for most of my teaching life and it had lots of cool features such as customized sound etc. So during a lesson I quickly Googled ‘Class Timer’ and came across this. I am sure that you probably already know about it or have a better version but for a simple timer to use during different activities in lessons it is really quick to load up and switch on. All you do is ‘Google it’ and it is the 1st hit. Then select the time and set full screen and away you go.


Once again I had a great night at the teachmeet. I’m always amazed by the quality of ideas in the room. On Wednesday night I left feeling enthused and charged.

teachmeet 6

teachmeet 7

teachmeet 8

teachmeet 9

If anyone wants more information about my presentation or wants to discuss anything feel free to contact me via twitter @createach

Grant Taylor



teachmeet 5

People are always asking me “What is a Chromebook?” A Chromebooks is simply a low cost, fast, internet ready laptop. If you already use Google Chrome on your existing device e.g. Laptop then you already know how to use a Chromebook. There is nothing new to learn. To make the most of the Chromebook you will need to use Google Apps/Drive to make your life more productive :)
Ben Forte @ben40forte
Director of Learning Commons

DHSB Teachmeet Presentations Part 2

teachmeet 4

The new Computing curriculum for primary schools has shifted hugely in the recent curriculum reshuffle. There are words and terms which can make a teacher or trainee want to run screaming from the room rather than attempting to get out the dictionary. However, unplugging the technology and concentrating on the underlying principles to begin with, through activities such as those on www.csunplugged.com can give confidence to the educator and a different experience for the student. Step away from the technology and concentrate on the principles.

You can see Tyla’s full blog post here

Tyla Elworthy 

University of Plymouth


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